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Linn was awarded the 2021 student of the year. Linn is shy by nature but she has pushed herself to be confident and be the best she can be. Linn has now sadly moved away but she will forever be a Spencer student. Linn's improvement over the years and her gorgeous dancing earned her the schools highest IDTA exam marks in all her subjects at her last exam session. We can't ask for more than that so this award is truly deserved. 


In the words of Bjork: It's, oh, so quiet, Shhhh Shhhh, It's, oh, so still, Shhhh Shhhh, You're all alone, Shhh Shhh, And so peaceful until...

  • So many zoom classes, in-person classes, zoom and in-person classes together!

  • Over the course of the year we have had to cancel less than 5 classes and are thankful to start 2022 with a thriving school of more than 200 students!

  • Despite learning online for over a year, our students have still reached the level needed to get pointe shoes.

  • 102 IDTA exams, 30 LAMDA exams and 5 ABRSM exams were taken. 

  • Our students have appeared in TV programmes, movies and adverts thanks to our sister agency Future Stars.

  • And...Miss Jordan got married (I think we can agree that is a big achievement in 2021!) 


The show must go on(line!)

  • We were invited to meet members of the royal family and the Mayor of London in recognition of our contribution to the arts in the community. 

  • Our first professional performance of the year was at RISE - the Brent Borough of Culture official opening event in Wembley. We were the only under 18 yrs group invited to take part and perform and it was INCREDIBLE! 

  • Our second professional performance was at Her Majesty's Theatre in the West End, one week before lockdown! We feel very grateful we had the opportunity to dance together at this incredible venue before heading into a year of remote, online lessons. 

  • All lessons, including training for LAMDA, IDTA and ABRSM exams moved online as we went into lockdown. 

  • We squeezed 60 in-person exams into the short window between lockdowns 1 and 2 and everyone passed! Students then took their LAMDA exams online. 

  • We ran two online talent shows and took part in various online dance and singing competitions, with much success, including becoming junior champions!

  • Miss Alys had a baby! Baby Atlas is Spencer Stage School's newest cheerleader and has already done every lesson there is!  


As Fred Astaire said:  "Do it big, do it right and do it with style." And this year I think we certainly did!

  • We entered numerous dance competitions throughout the year, coming away with placings at every one, including lots of 1st places! Too many to list here but our Senior Team consistently won with their group pieces this year and our Junior Team all placed with their solos!

  • We have hosted 230 IDTA dance exams and everyone passed with flying colours. A special applause to the parents who are getting better at hair and becoming more supportive with each session. 

  • SSS entered approximately 50 LAMDA exams, and you guessed it, everyone did exceptionally well. Including a couple of 98/100 scores!

  • 10 students did their Piano and Singing exams with ABRSM and they all got a merit or above! 

  • 30 students plus 50 supporters travelled to Disneyland Paris to perform. It was an incredible experience and we smashed it! Life doesn't get better than dancing with Mickey!

  • The Annual Show this year was called 'Around the World'. 200 students participated to celebrate their own, and other cultures around the world. In the current climate it was extremely moving to see children of different heritage come together and show nothing but respect and love for each others backgrounds. 

  • Sophie received arts council funding for her choreographic works. 

  • As well as our Annual Show our teachers choreographed and directed 5 School Musicals, 2 Recitals and 3 Festival Shows.

  • In the Ultimate Dance Showcase competition,  Siena won 1st place Junior dancer, 2 duets came 2nd and 4th overall, 1st place large group and numerous other wins.

  • We rounded out the year with our Christmas Carols and Christmas performance in November and December respectively. 


  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd Places at Ultimate Dance Showcase Competitions. 

  • Accepted to perform at Disneyland Paris in May 2019. 

  • Agnes gained a place at Arts Ed!

  • Students accepted to top secondary schools across London with dance, drama and music places. 

  • 210 students passed IDTA examinations.

  • We have started the elite teams & danced at our first comps and won 1st at 2 of them! 

  • Performed at The Shaftesbury Theatre. 

  • Performed our best Annual show yet. 

  • Performed at 3 fairs. 

  • 43 LAMDA exams have been passed. 

  • Performed Oklahoma.

  • 2 students won gold at British Acro championships. 

  • Learnt Swan Lake from Royal Ballet ballerinas.

  • Entertained at 35 parties

  • Had our 5 year anniversary party.

  • Raised £4500 for Cancer research 

  • Raised £1000 for scholarships 


Dear Alys, performers and parents at Spencer Stage School,
Whole Foods Market wants to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of you for supporting our Whole Planet Foundation.
In particular, I want to thank Alys for organising such a truly lovely programme, the children for dancing and singing their hearts out, and all of the parents who came to see the performance in support of Whole Planet Foundation.
I hope fun was had by all. We are truly lucky to have Spencer Stage School in our community!
Ginny Kopacz (Whole Foods Market)

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