Is your child obsessed with doing cartwheels? Do they constantly try to do the splits? Yes! Then this is the class for them...Gymnastic skills are learnt with the added fun of putting them into dance routines. All abilities welcome.


We put the emphasis on fun in our Ballet Classes without compromising the importance of excellent technical training. The base of all art forms; develop poise, strength and flexibility as well as musicality and a better understanding of body placement. Our classes are ability/age appropriate and the use of story and imagination are key to our vibrant beginner classes.I.D.T.A Ballet examinations are optional.

Serious training for those of you who wish to take your performance experience to a different level. Dance pieces are created in all dance forms and then preformed in competitions around the uk.



Contemporary dance encourages versatility and improvisation, unlike the strict, structured nature of ballet using inspiration from other dance forms. Different styles of contemporary are studied and I.D.T.A grades learnt.


Each week is different. Students will work with scripts , create improvisations and mime, learn technique, play drama games and develop the voice. All this will develop listening, confidence, spontaneity and the imagination. Drama is extremely important for developing language skills and concentration.LAMDA Examinations optional


Develop your child's public speaking, communication skills and confidence! Speech and Drama lessons for children and young adults. Reading for Performance. Speaking in Public. Speaking Verse & Prose. Acting.  LAMDA’s examinations have provided each and every learner with the skills and the confidence to succeed

in life.

An introduction to dance, this class focuses on coordination, balance and strength. It’s a great way to develop skills in music and movement.

This class focusses on pure Jazz technique with a hint of Lyrical. If you want to learn how to high kick, pirouette like a pro and do the splits then this is the class for you!


This is a great, feel good class - pupils work together to make performances, build friendships and develop their listening, creativity and self esteem. Students will learn drama, singing and dance techniques, performing skills, timing and music knowledge. Different music is used to keep this class up to date, fun and funky.


We cover all three disciplines: Dance, Drama and Singing. In this class imaginations are stretched and new found confidence is built. The perfect way to learn all round performance skills!


We can arrange private/semi-private lessons in any discipline at a location and time that suits you. We can also offer mixed discipline lessons eg 20mins ballet, 20mins tap, 20mins singingIf you don't see the discipline you want just ask!

Great for those who really want to improve their singing performance, technique, knowledge and confidence. Each lesson is tailored to the individual to help the student reach their full potential in the most enjoyable and efficient way possible.

Trinity College, ABRSM, and I.D.T.A Examinations optional. 


We run Performing Arts clubs in a number of schools, including Ark Academy & Heathside. We can run clubs in any style or genre and can also offer bespoke workshops to compliment your school's curriculum. If you would like a free taster club please call to arrange.
Our current clubs include - Ballet, Musical Theatre, World Dance, Imagination and Story-telling, Street Dance, Tap, Jazz Dance, Rock Choir, Singing, Glee Club, and Drama.

The coolest music plays while technique, choreography and performance are taught and developed. An excellent way to keep fit, learn rhythm, improve memory, co-ordination and makes sure you have the 'Moves Like Jagger.'
I.D.T.A Street Dance examinations optional.

Fun and funky! Street Jazz is a mix of Jazz technique, hip hop and modern street dance. As well as tricks and skills a new routine will be learnt every half term.

This class is suitable for both adults and children age 6 plus; so parent and child can dance together! It is a great class to get your abs engaged and legs lengthened. Fun music will play to sing along to and help take your mind of any painful stretching! Every dancer (or none dancer) needs a class like this!

Tap is a great way to improve concentration, rhythm, listening skills and timing. Everyone loves making noise and the challenge tap presents. Lots of fun and a great traditional dance form to learn.

I.D.T.A Tap Examinations optional.



In every workshop a different extract from a show will be taught and developed into a performance of singing, dance and drama. It is fast paced, exciting and innovative!